Digital Transformation

In today’s interconnected world, technology touches everything and is disrupting how business gets done. The cloud is becoming the core paradigm for delivering business technology that promotes a zero-infrastructure model. Digitization is transforming how companies go to markets with superior geographical scope, interact with customers through more mobile performs, and carry out their operations via cost effective automations. Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics are still not well-defined for many companies in the region; organizations have not been able to realize the potential applications or utilize readily accessible data.

Companies with access to these technologies have yet to strike the proper balance, whether for optimizing the supply chain, developing closer relationships with customers and partners, choosing URL vs IRL, or predicting and reacting quickly to market shifts. Organizations face changes to finding the right blend of technologies. Organizations must adopt more agile ways of working broadly across the company. The only way companies can successfully manage processes and reach their strategic goals is by measuring their digital ROI.

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Our Services

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    We work with clients to build a digital road map to transform their businesses by helping them to understand which aspects of digitalization to focus on: digitalization of the current business model, investing in new digital businesses, how to gain value from digitalization, and how to design and manage enterprise architecture. We help digitize end-to-end business processes and services to power excellent customer journeys. We support organizations in building a digital organization with strong structure, culture, talent, and skills for a digital transformation.

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    Website &
    Mobile App

    It’s never been tougher for companies to link their stores, warehouses, and online operations to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience. We have integrated the region’s largest brick-and-mortar retailers with Omnichannel experiences. Our team of designers, developers, and QAs create high-quality, scalable web and mobile solutions for clients across diverse industry domains. We deliver the best digital products for both iOS and Android. We offer complete e-commerce website design and development services, as well as maintenance and support for your online store.

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    Social Media &
    Digital Marketing

    We strategize and execute your digital presence to drive business growth and superior customer experience. Our team concentrates on the details so you can spend less time online as your business thrives in both the digital and physical worlds. Professional designers and social media specialists engage in manual social listening and implementation. Our services encompass all areas of digital consultancy, including Social Media, Customer Engagement, Market Research, Email Marketing, Search Marketing, Content and Campaign, Brand Identity Design, Lead Generation, and more.

People & Organization

People and organizational capabilities are a source of competitive advantage. Winning organizations have high-performance cultures and strong change-management capabilities with the right leaders in the right positions. Adapting to a quickly changing world is a defining challenge for leaders today. Human capital management in New Sharing or the Gig Economy is becoming more complex than ever before. Gig economy workers now also provide work for more traditional companies, which has changed how their staffing systems operate.
Millennials have been transforming the workplace for the past decade, and a country with a majority young workforce must adapt to the changing environment. Saudi Vision 2030 aims to increase women’s participation in the workforce from 22% to 30%. Organizations are increasingly focusing on Saudization of workforce. Organizations in the region need to develop a new generation of leaders for successful transformation. Our deep experience and rigorous approach help clients shape successful transformation programs and build cultures of continuous improvement.

Our Services

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    Human Capital Assessment &

    We use advanced, internationally recognized psychometric assessment tools to evaluate your existing and potential human resources. We prioritize likely gaps between supply and demand, and develop talent strategies to address talent gaps. We deploy some of the best industry practices to identify, attract, and select talent. We provide manager capability-building programs to develop, motivate, and retain talent. We help organizations to develop a talent strategy that supports organization design and delivery of your business strategy. We make sure the right people in the right roles are engaged and empowered to do the right thing.

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    Leadership Development &
    Succession Planning

    Our Succession Management consultants help organizations gain a clearer view of their talent at all levels, as well as what will be required to successfully deliver on their strategy. Our leadership development programs make sure that organizations, especially our traditional family businesses, have the right leadership talent pipeline. We create development plans with on-the-job training, mentoring, feedback, coaching and academic training programs. Our programs can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs. We work with key stakeholders of your organization to interpret and set benchmarks for best industry practices.