Companies often struggle with their strategic-management and planning processes. We identify an organization’s strategic goals, assess the fit of the organization against those goals, and then identify and implement the change needed to create a strategic plan. Our focus is on developing a solid value proposition and building distinctive capabilities that will last for the long term. We approach resources in a more strategic way, narrowing down and selecting capabilities that matter most for their long-term success and reducing cost by establishing solutions that work seamlessly with your core competencies.

Most micro and small business in the region lack focus and clear direction. Our entrepreneurs are highly skilled in their domain; be it technology or artistry, we believe with right guidance and coaching they can be globally competitive. Our focus is on translating their vision into business plans, actionable strategic goals, and suitable business models. These ventures require a business support system other than costly resources and assets; by providing world class support services through a seamless well-connected network of partners we help small businesses grow. All our services are custom made to fit the unique requirements of startups and SMEs.

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Our Services

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    We help clients to review the performance of existing business portfolios and find opportunities for growth in new business areas. We also identify areas from which they might divest. Our services focus on creating a value proposition for your service and product, offering and positioning your company to consistently evolve its strategy over time and create open channels in the marketplace. We offer Business Plan Development, Corporate Strategy, and Business-Level Strategy services.

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    Our consultants work on-site with companies to help implement our unique, regional model of the Balanced Scorecard. We provide workshops and vision realization programs with change management adequate for your strategy implementation. We are flexible, provide long-term support, and ensure this to each client. We help businesses develop a Balanced Scorecard Strategy Implementation Plan and Operational-Level Strategy Cascade Solutions.

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    Our world-class coaching methodology is proven to grow ambitious owner-managed businesses into more valuable businesses. We streamline what supports productivity through capability utilization, capability building, and finding the best functional structure. We help owner-managers to create the best sales and delivery engines to maximize revenue and ascertain the businesses' fundamental assets to maximize equity value. We provide One-on-one Business Coaching to Owner-managed Businesses.

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    Corporate performance is managed increasingly tightly; finance performance measurement and finance-organization design are becoming increasingly important too, as more and more countries adopt IFRS and update their tax codes. People within the business sphere have higher expectations, especially when it comes to advanced analytics. We provide consulting services for Financial Planning and Analysis, Project Feasibility Study Reports, Policy and System Implantations, Profitability Analysis, and Internal Auditing.

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    Most startups and SMEs lack strategic financial management capabilities. However, not all organizations can afford to have in-house financial experts providing advisory services on a regular basis. We have a team of experts in the advanced accounting and financial management fields with qualifications such as: CMA, CA and ACCA. This ensures that you get the support you need now, while growing the business to make implementation of in-house financial resources possible. Our experts help you Manage your Finance-Organization, shape Talent Strategy, build Systems, Technologies and sustain ongoing Financial Performance Analysis and Advisory services.

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    Most business owners don't realize that one of the most difficult aspects of their job will be managing the daily financial and administrate tasks. We help SMEs to focus more on value-adding activities of the value chain, while we help them run the back office. We provide online and remote Bookkeeping and Accounting services for small to medium size businesses through Cloud-Based Accounting Integration. We support SMEs to creating complete Accounting Setups and appoint qualified, cost-effective Virtual Accountants, Process Automations, Account Reconciliation Services, and Back Office Support.

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    A Lean Organization is one that fully understands, communicates, implements, and sustains lean concepts seamlessly throughout all operational and functional areas.
    We are focus on transforming companies to digital lean by developing their lean capabilities and embedding technological building blocks into their value streams. We analysis, design, and implementation of Lean Management approaches, developing tailor-made solutions and working closely with clients to ensure positive impact and sustainable results.

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    Can originations add value and create competitive advantage through their manufacturing process while enable efficiency and dropping costs. What makes our Lean Manufacturing Transformation more unique is our approach; we make the whole organization understand the true philosophy of lean and make them involve in amassing production system, our lean transformation initiatives will recommend refined processes, we make easy to implement steps and activities and we help them to build internal capabilities.



Globally, 15 percent of a car’s cost typically goes to distribution. There is, of course, some variation by country and segment; for instance, fleet sales are less expensive than retail. The nature of these expenses in the MENA region is different than in rest of the world. These changes in the distribution system should ultimately aim to cut costs by minimizing reliance on retail format-related expenses and using technology for better inventory control and customer experience.

As one of the key industries that we follow closely, we understand the broader industry trends and how OEMs are adapting to changes. Advances in mobility technology and shifting consumer preferences are changing the traditional vehicle ownership model in major ways. With a more complex and diversified mobility industry landscape, existing players will be forced to simultaneously compete on multiple fronts and cooperate with competitors.

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  • How we can help

    We have experience working with the MENA region’s leading distribution and retail networks. We understand different market dynamics, including challenges faced by OEMs and their regional marketing groups. We leverage our years of experience and global expertise in the automotive sector to help our clients navigate an industry in transition, to grow stronger, and create value for their shareholders. We can help industry players in developing a Growth Strategy, driving Multi-year Frontline Sales Transformation Plans, Supply Chain Management, and with improving customer satisfaction and sales performance across regional channel partners.


Healthcare service providers face challenges in value-based approaches towards improving quality, reducing costs, as well as in managing diverse, multidisciplinary teams and multi-specialty clinical operations. Companies across the healthcare industry recognize the need to deliver a greater value and higher quality of care at a lower cost. We combine deep industry knowledge with extensive functional expertise to help clients in public health agencies, health NGOs, and advocacy organizations.
Health care providers must transform their business models to deliver cost-effective services that improve patient outcomes and deliver sustainable growth for the organization. The region’s healthcare industry demands better skill development, advanced management expertise, and systems process services for critical health emergencies.

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    Our consultants are industry experts and have worked with many of the largest private and public health systems in the world. We help healthcare industry professionals to adapt Strategic Management across all functions and levels in order to build internal capabilities which ensure the organization necessary to achieve the overall strategic vision. We provide training, need analysis and design Training and Development programs for these organizations.